00G Lewis Win BIG in Texas!

The TSCH 2000 Lewis girls went down to Tyler, Texas for the Rose City Shootout and came back a champion.

The TSCH won their first game of a group play 6-0 against the Longview Lady Angles. The next game was the real test playing the home team Azzuri who competes with Dallas teams on a weekly basis. The game was played under the lights which had all the girls excited and eager to play. The game started like both teams were shot out of cannon. A fast, physical, exciting match. TSCH struck first shocking the home team. Right before half Rosie Ferral had an amazing service to set up Allie Spriggs who hit a first time rip off the post. The second half Azzuri came out on a mission, scoring on an incredible individual piece of play and the last goal coming from a PK. TSCH was downed 2-1.

The next morning the girls faced Azzuri 99. With a tie or win they knew they could face Azzuri again in the championship. With 20 shots and no goals TSCH went on to a 0-0 draw.

Moving on with goal differential, a championship was the only thing on these young ladies minds. In the past two years these girls have made 5 semi or finals appearances with one championship they were eager for redemption.

As the Finals started a sense of calm set over the TSCH 2000 girls as they kept possession and were creating chances. 10 minutes in Allie Spriggs claimed her redemption by burying a service from Taylor Pugh. The girls were electrified. Azzuri shocked again with a 1-0 half score. As the second half started the TSCH girls were not going to be denied their destiny. After relentless pressure on Azzuri’s back line frustrated came into play and play started getting rough. A free kick about 25 yards out for TSCH is all the girls needed to solidify the game. Jayden Chapman stepped up heard the whistle and placed the ball in to the top corner. Shortly after the final whistle blew and the championship was won.

Victory!! Congratulations to the 00G Lewis!  Your club is proud of you!!