The Tulsa SC Badge

The overall badge is reflective of the City of Tulsa and its flag. TSC is part of Tulsa and wants to link to its history as well as the promising future that is to come. This is also the idea behind TSC and how it helps kids achieve a bright and successful future.


The Shield is representative of the Native American influence and the diversity of both our city and club.


The Star acknowledges the past leadership of the club and the bright future ahead for TSC.

We will continue in the legacy of creating “Future Stars” in soccer and in life.


The Inner Circle represents that the only way the club will continue to prosper and succeed by working together, each doing our part as players, coaches, families and administrators.


The Font, Gotham Bold represents the way our club plans to do business and the style of play

we plan to create. The font is traditional yet has a modern look that reflects the creativity and workman type mentality that we expect our coaches and players to bring.


The Colors carry on the original colors of TSC. Gold symbolizes the success and prosperity that we hope our players achieve in the game and in life.


Navy represents the sophistication and confidence we hope to inspire in our players and coaches.


Red represents the passion and determination we have towards

developing, improving and perfecting the chosen craft of coaches, players and
administrators within the club.










































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