Congratulations to the 01 Boys Miller and Cherbonnier on State Tournament Championships

TSC Hurricane had teams advance to the final four in 6 of the 8 age divisions of the U15-18 State Cup and added 3 more to the President's Cup which was more than any other club from the east side of Oklahoma. Congratulations to all TSC Hurricane teams!
President's Cup (U15-18)
01G Williams - Semis
01B Cherbonnier - Champions (Regionals Qualifier)
00G Lundy Red - Finalist
State Cup (U15-18)
01B Miller - Champions (Regionals Qualifier)
00B Nsien - Finalist
98B Nsien - Finalist
99B Porto - Semis
00G Richardson - Semis
00G Bolding - Semis
98G Bolding - (Regionals Qualifier)