ECNL Boys will be a Game Changer

ECNL Boys Set to Launch in Fall 2017 in the U14-U19 Age Groups

The format and structure of the ENPL (ECNL Boys) ....

  • August 17, 2016

CHARLESTON, S.C. (August 16, 2016) – The format and structure of the Elite National Premier League (ENPL), the new competition and development platform for boys collaboratively launched by US Club Soccer and the Elite Clubs National League, is taking shape well ahead of the league’s August 2017 kick-off.

Released today, the logo for the ENPL reflects the collaborative effort between US Club Soccer and the ECNL by incorporating elements from both brands.  This collaboration is fundamental to the platform, leveraging the strengths and resources of two of the biggest brands in youth soccer.

ENPL competition will include U14, U15, U16, U17, and U19 boy’s age groups, and will include participating teams from two independent qualification paths: (i) qualifying teams from National Premier Leagues across the country; and (ii) qualifying teams from ECNL club-based conferences across the country.  These teams will come together to compete for the ENPL National Championship in a two-stage post-season event in 2018.  By providing qualification paths for both team-based and club-based competitions, and through a variety of competition formats, the ENPL will feature the very best boys players in US Club Soccer.

While the NPL and the ECNL will each determine their own regular season competition format, all qualifying leagues and conferences must meet ENPL guidelines on the minimum number of matches, basic roster and competition rules, and other development standards to insure a top quality environment.   The ENPL will determine the total number of post-season berths and the post-season competition structure.

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