ECNL Teams Travel to FL for an ECNL National Showcase Event

Your U15, U16, U17 and U18's are traveling to Sanford, FL for one of the ECNL National Elite Showcase Events.  This will be the 1st of three National Events for our teams.  They will also be attending the events in San Antonio, TX and San Diego, CA.  All teams (except possibly the 94s) will also be participating in the ECNL National Championships event in Chicago in June 2012.  

The Sanford, FL matches begin Dec 28 and continue through Dec 30th.  ECNL National Showcase Events are for ECNL ONLY clubs and are the top girls showcases in the nation.  The FL event alone is attracting approximately 200 college coaches and as the only ECNL club in Oklahoma, provides TSC Hurricane girls with unique opportunities.

Sanford ECNL National Showcase Event Page

List of College Coaches


Good luck TSC Hurricane!!