What is Futsal?

Futsal is a small-sided soccer game recognized by FIFA, which began to be practiced in Uruguay and Brazil during the 1930s. In large cities, the spaces and fields to play soccer were few and even those were becoming less and less available. Therefore, the population was forced to play soccer in smaller spaces and so, in 1936 came the first rules of the new sport. The name "futsal" was chosen by FIFA from a combination of Portuguese words; "futebol" (soccer) and "salão" (court), creating futsal. The game is 5v5, played on a flat smooth surface court with smaller goals and a reduced bounce ball. This environment places the players emphasis on technique and skill in high-pressure situations, providing fertile ground for the development of skills common to the regular game of soccer (11v11).



Futsal develops the same basic techniques, skills, game tactics and knowledge as traditional Soccer does. Improved ball control technique and skills are required in Futsal, due to limited space, defined touchlines and constant opponent pressure.


Constant opponent pressure and a 4 second restart rule helps to develop better game vision, fast thinking quicker reactions and generally more intelligent players.  The smooth playing surface also creates a naturally faster game.​


Players will touch the ball more often, they will pass more, shoot more and score more goals.  They will also have more pressure from opponents than in regular soccer.  This will in turn build the players confidence and speed in every situation for every style of soccer they might play in the future (direct game, possession game, etc.).


Without a wall or rebound boards to aid in the escape from tight situations and high pressure opponents, players learn to make quick passes and supporting runs.  The tight space places a premium on the players ball control, movement, timing of the run and passing accuracy.


Having less players on the court combined with the speed of the game and pressure, the players will need to fully participate and remain 100% focused.  The game naturally forces constant adjustment and decision making, both on and off the ball.


Futsal is a fast paced, fun, skill-oriented game that tests the players abilities at every level, whilst developing all-around individual technique.  It is a bigger challenger, with more opportunities to think, decide, pass, shoot, tackle, block defend and attack.  Learning is FUN !