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Frequently Asked Questions
2017-18 ECNL Staff Announced
2017 Tryouts. Check here for Updates.

For more information on the TSC Hurricane ECNL franchise, please feel free to contact Kerry Shubert, ECNL Director at  (918) 691-2193.

2017-18 TSC Hurricane ECNL Coaching Staff
For maximum benefit of the training and player development experience, ECNL staff will work together so that players get exposed to all ECNL staff and different methods. 
Teams beginning 2017-18 will be formed based on their birth year (Jan 1-Dec 31). There will be 6 ECNL and 5 ECNL Composite/Champions League squads for 2017-18.
U13 (05) - Richard Beattie
U14 (04) - Kerry Shubert/Donivan Bradshaw
U15 (03) - Russell Ragland
U16 (02) - Donivan Bradshaw
U17 (01) - David Critchley
U18/19 (99/00) - Kerry Shubert
ECNL Composite/Champions League
U14 (04) - Mike Parker
U17 (01) - David Critchley
U18/19 (99/00) - Jesse Williams

TSC Hurricane and the ECNL

Why did the TSC Hurricane join the ECNL?

TSC Hurricane joined the ECNL as part of their continued natural progression of the club developmental process.  The ECNL provides a competitive developmental structure that focuses on a more professional approach to training with less, but more meaningful games.  With the recent merger of TSC and HFC, TSC Hurricane now brings the capabilities to Oklahoma that allowed us to land an ECNL franchise for the Oklahoma market.  There is a shift happening across the USA where the elite players continue to move away from normal USYS State Association competition.  The top college programs and USSF National Coaching staff have put their main focus on the clubs and players in the ECNL.  Therefore, it was critical for TSC Hurricane to be at the forefront of pursuing an ECNL franchise so that Oklahoma elite players have the best opportunities to grow and develop for preparation at the highest levels.  Furthermore, TSC Hurricane will be the ONLY franchise in the Oklahoma market.

In brief terms what other advantages does the ECNL provide?

The ECNL provides:

· Better training to games ratio

· More professional and competitive training environment

· Clear pattern of competition structure that includes all areas from league play to tournaments to showcases

· Increased quality and competitiveness of all games and all events

· Provides the best and highest possible exposure to college coaches and US National Team coaches and staff

How will the TSC Hurricane ECNL program be the same as the current Competitive team program?

Some of the program will remain the same as it has been with HFC or TSC.

· Teams will be formed based on the same seasonal year – August 1 through July 31

· Teams will still participate in some club-sponsored events

· Players will still be allowed to participate in High School or other sports throughout the "non-traditional" season. (However, your ECNL coach needs to be consulted 1st.)

How will the TSC Hurricane ECNL program be different from the current Competitive team program?

The following briefly outlines simple differences in the new ECNL program:

· Seasonal Year will run Aug through July (ECNL National Championships)

· TSC Hurricane ECNL teams will NOT participate in any OSA or GCSA sanctioned events including State Cup, Regionals, etc.  All the top ECNL clubs across the country will also NOT participate in USYS State Cups, Regionals or Nationals.  Instead, top girls programs across the country will be competing in the ECNL National Championships in which there will be two flights.  Obviously, this will have an impact on the level of State Cups, Regionals and USYS Regional Leagues across the nation.

· Training environment will be professionalized.  TSC Hurricane has recently established a National Training Center at Indian Springs Soccer Complex that will encompass more quality training sessions while introducing group training and outside coaches from top collegiate programs and USSF National Staff.  There will also be a higher level of commitment and professionalism required from the players.

· Different Roster Spots for greater roster flexibility and Competition amongst teams.  Increased numbers also gives possibilities for OSA/GCSA players to train and possibly play for ECNL teams in their age groups.  ONLY TSC Hurricane players will have the opportunity to train and compete with ECNL teams.

· Expanded Travel allowing players to be exposed to different parts of the country and programs.  Teams will attempt to stay in the same hotels and do events together to promote team/club unity.

· Participating in ECNL events will allow TSC Hurricane teams and players to be exposed to and participate in events TSC Hurricane teams in the past have not been able to (for ex.  Playing in a National Championship tournament).

Why are the roster sizes larger?

Each ECNL team will initially establish their main roster at the ECNL tryouts.  However, a “pool” of players on the OSA/GCSA teams will also be identified that will allow those players possible training or competition opportunities with the ECNL teams.  The intent is to create a natural competition for ECNL “spots” where there is continuous challenge in player development amongst players in a particular age group.  ONLY TSC Hurricane OSA/GCSA players will have the opportunity to be placed in the ECNL player “pools”.  Other benefits of this method:

· Allows for better performance for multiple game weekends

· Allows for more competitive training environment

· Allows for flexibility due to injury or sickness

· Allows for flexibility with non-traditional sports participation

How much does it cost to play for a TSC Hurricane ECNL team and what is included?

(2013-14 Fees will be posted later this Spring.)  The 2012-13 annual registration fees are $215 which include ECNL registration and insurance, training jerseys, ECNL club/league administration.  In addition, there is an annual $1,140 fee for club/coaching and facility fees that may be paid in 12 monthly installments of $95 each (July through June) via credit card (for small processing fee) or via check.  

What are additional costs that are not included?

Items not covered in the registration or club fee are player’s uniform, travel and team expenses associated with league, showcases and tournaments.  Full travel details and schedules have not been released by ECNL so these details and plans are not yet available however we expect them to be similar to current Premier League West schedules (and therefore costs).

What about teams younger then U14?

As part of the ECNL, younger TSC Hurricane teams (especially U12-13) will enjoy exclusive opportunities to play and participate in pre-ECNL events only offered for ECNL clubs.  This begins to introduce younger players to the ECNL competition and programs in preparation for full ECNL competition.  Younger TSC Hurricane teams will also benefit from training elements coming from ECNL and the National Training Center.  Further details on the competition structure for pre-ECNL will be posted later. 

What about training and how is it different?

All ECNL teams will train at the newly created National Training Center at Indian Springs.  The training experience will be greatly enhanced and professionalized  with a high quality venue, cross-training from multiple coaches, and introducing training from outside Technical Advisors from top college programs as well as USSF National/Regional Staff.  Training quality and frequency will be increased and follow a specific player development model as part of the ECNL standards established for all ECNL clubs.

ECNL Platforms (Competition, Development, Player Identification)