ECNL Regional League

ECNL Regional League

7v7 Girls Academy Parent Expectations

Parent Expectations

  • Parents are expected to represent Tulsa SC positively by holding themselves to high standards and leading by example.
  • Parents are encouraged to be good role models and support the club win or lose.
  • All Parents MUST use the Tulsa SC Club App for all team communication and updates.
  • Please be sure to program your teams coach and managers in your phone to communicate any late arrivals for training/games/tournaments.
  • Parents are to remain off the training fields when our teams are training and should not be watching training from along the sidelines. This is to ensure we are providing the best possible training environment for our players by eliminating outside factors that could affect a player’s development and/or decision making.
  • Parents are to remain on the opposite side of the team benches for all games/tournaments. Unless event specifies otherwise.
  • Parents are expected to respect all players, coaches, officials, and fans of both Tulsa SC and our opponents.
  • Parents are expected to refrain from speaking negative comments at any officials or members of the other team.
  • Parents should ALWAYS encourage and be positive with all players.
  • Please refrain from giving coaching instruction or tactical information to the players. That is the responsibility of the coaching staff.
  • Parents are encouraged to provide words of support to help instill a passion and enjoyment for the game of soccer into your player.
  • Parents are expected to communicate concerns in a respectful manner. Parents who have a concern with a coaching decision/action should first speak to their child to see if there was any communication between themselves and the coach. If the issue was not resolved between the player and coach, parents are asked to wait 24 hours from the completion of the event (in event at a tournament, wait 24 from completion of last game) to contact the relevant coach to address your concerns.
  • Parental concerns are to be made via email or phone call 24 hours after last event. Any parent who confronts a coach at a practice or game will result in both the parent and player suspended from participation until a meeting with the club DOC can be scheduled.
  • Coaches will only discuss playing time with parent in the presence of the player.

Parents Should Not:

  • Negatively speak or encourage negative actions towards my teammates, coaches, or club via online social media platforms, forums, or text messaging. 
  • Engage in dissent toward an official or coach nor use profane or vulgar language
  • Pull their child from a game field or training session when upset about a coaching decision including playing time, playing position, etc.
  • Use a controlled substance (drugs), tobacco products, or drink alcoholic beverages while attending the training or games. 

Violation of this policy may require the club, in the club's sole discretion, to enact the following disciplinary actions:

  • Parents and their children can and will be suspended/dismissed from the club if the parent conduct, at the sole discretion of the club, is deemed to be detrimental to the team, player, coach, or any official related to the organization. 
  • Parents and their children can and will be suspended/dismissed from the club if the parent is determined, in the sole discretion of the club, to be recruiting kids of any gender or age away from the club. 

Contact Info

Tulsa Soccer Club
1325 E. 15th St.
Suite 202
Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 550-5807