Girls Junior Academy (Ages 7-12)

OUR #1 GOAL of our Junior Academy program is to create an environment that allows young players to HAVE FUN while learning the fundamentals of soccer.  We consider the ages of 7-12 to be the most important in developing a high-level soccer player.


In the Junior Academy, OUR COACHES have a passion for the world’s most popular game, have experience in TEACHING CHILDREN at these ages, hold accredited coaching certifications, and virtually all of the head coaches on both the girls and boys side have played at a collegiate or professional level. 


In the Junior Academy, OUR SUCCESS is purely defined by the development of OUR PLAYERS, not in winning games.  In the Junior Academy, we expect our parents not to be focused nor concerned about their child “being on the top team”, rather they should be focused on whether their child is happy and if their child’s overall development is improving.  We know that development is more of a marathon than a sprint and that players develop at different rates. Some players develop physically early and some players develop physically later, some players have develop their technical quickly and some players take longer to develop their technical ability.  Whatever it is that children take out of soccer we want to be part of their development.


In the Junior Academy, OUR TEACHING is focused on player development:

  1. Technical Development – We define technical development as the ability to touch, kick, and receive a soccer ball properly and a skill as the ability to perform the technique in a game setting.  For us the QUALITY of repetition is more important than the QUANTITY of the repetition.
  2. Psychological Development – We want our players to learn how to compete, learn how to cope with the pressures of performing their best, learn how to work within a team, and learn how to win with humility and dignity in defeat.  Psychologically we want our players to be confident on and off the ball and when they take the field for a match, they are excited to compete and challenge themselves to execute the soccer technique’s and skill’s they have developed thus far.
  3. Tactical DevelopmentAt the ages of 9-12 we will introduce players and teams to tactics of a game.  Our players will learn where and how to move with and without the ball, our club playing style, and how to position and move as an entire team.
  4. Physical Development – We will help improve a players coordination, speed, and agility to help improve strength and durability.

In the Junior Academy, OUR FORMAT is as follows:

  • U7-U12 Ages - Practices are located at Titan Sports Complex (Both Main and South Campus)
  • U7-U8 Ages - Games will be played against other Tulsa SC teams, other recreational and club teams, and throughout the Tulsa Metropolitan Area.  There are no out of town commitments required.
  • U9-U12 Ages – Games will be played against other Tulsa SC teams and club teams throughout Tulsa and OKC Metropolitan Areas.  Typically, a team will travel out of town once or twice per fall and spring seasons.  Out of town tournaments are typically located in either OKC, Dallas, NW Arkansas, or Kansas City.