Girls NPL Financials

Girls National Premier League Financials

Our National Premier League Fee structure will now be an ALL-IN cost structure.  Parents may be used to paying club dues and then team dues, but we are moving to an ALL-IN structure so parents and team managers no longer have to collect money and manage team travel logistics.  The National Premier League fees you pay to play for Tulsa SC will cover all fees excluding personal travel and indoor fields for adverse weather-related times/events. 

Below is what is included for the ALL-IN Fee:

  • National Premier League Director, National Premier League Staff Coaches, and National Premier League Administration
  • National Premier League Fees & Referee Fees for league play
  • All games filmed via the VEO Camera System (You will be able to add clips from your games via the VEO system to your Player Profile)
  • Individual Player Profile that will not only connect you with over 5000 college coaches, but will also help match you to college programs as well
  • Individual Player App – another way to access your player profile and add informatio
  • Preseason Camp
  • All gameday and outdoor practice facility fees (indoor practice fields are not included)
  • US Club Soccer Player and Coach Registration which includes Player’s Insurance
  • All coach’s travel fees for all National Premier League games and National Premier League National Events or out of town tournaments during the season.

National Premier League Fees for the following all age groups are as follows:

  • (3) Out of Town Events and (2) Local Tournaments

There are 2 options for payment:

  • 1 Time Payment
    • $2550 – This total would be due at the time of registration
  • 2 Month Payment Plan
    • $2610 – This total would be financed over 13 payments broken down as follows:
    • $270 Registration Fee
    • $195 12 Monthly Payments

**If an out of town or local tournament cancels for any reason, or a league game cancels for any reason, we will refund to each player the amount equivalent of whatever the tournament or league refunds the club.

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