Tulsa SC Sports Fee Insurance

Every year we have players that can't finish the season. It’s important that everyone understands how to receive a refund if your athlete can’t play. 


Tulsa SC has a Zero Refund Policy. We offer parents a chance to insure their commitment to our club by utilizing Sports Fee Insurance.


If your athlete can't play - Sports Fee Insurance will reimburse you, and pay what you still owe in club dues. 


Sports Fee Insurance costs a small percentage of your total season fees, and insures your player, and your wallet all season long. We work directly with USSCI to give you a discount on coverage for this season, but only if you purchase coverage ASAP.


We are asking every parent to go to the link below and make an informed decision whether to purchase coverage or continue with the season without a refund option. If you do not go to the link - we will assume the coverage options were reviewed and declined.


Please go to the link below to learn more and to get covered 



If you have any questions - feel free to contact Kyle Pivnick


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