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Updated 7/19/17 -- We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of TSCH parent Erin Van Horn, children Beck Kitterman, Zach VanHorn and Lizzie Edwards, while Izzy Kitterman and Lauren VanHorn remain in critical condition after a horrific traffic accident on 7/17/17.  Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all families affected by this tragic accident, and our thoughts are with those players who are fighting for recovery. We also urge everyone to respect the privacy of the families during this difficult time. 


Please continue to pray for these families as they need it now more than ever. #TSCHFamily


>> GoFundMe Accounts to help Support the families




The club has made arrangements with special counselors for those that need assistance in helping them get through this time. 


Please contact Donalisa Helsley or Angie Muir to schedule an appointment.


Donalisa Helsley, LCSW, MSW

Cell- 918-808-8997

Office- 918-933-4143



Angie Muir, MS, LPC