Juniors Enhanced Training Program

Mike Moritz Joins TSC Hurricane

Michael Moritz, who co-founded the highly successful Left Foot Studio Academy Club, has joined TSC Hurricane.  TSC Hurricane and Mike have worked together to design an exciting new program that offers ehanced training at a very reasonable cost and is meant to supplement and build on your normal team training.  Although registration is done on an individual basis, the program is designed to be done on a team/group basis and is highly recommended for the top two squads in each age group.  Sessions will be scheduled based on the level of the group and around their normal team training.
"I'm excited to have the opportunity to be a part of TSC Hurricane.  I am excited to help further develop the already successful club the TSC Hurricane staff has built.  We are excited to get the Juniors ETP launched in the very near future.  Thank you ALL for the warm club welcome I have received since I moved back home from Dallas!," says Mike Moritz.
"TSC Hurricane Juniors is very excited about the addition of Michael to our program!  Our juniors coaches work hard to offer a positive environment for our players to learn and develop! The idea of Michael offering supplemental TEAM training sessions to ENHANCE our team training will be of great value.  This is just another way the Juniors program is separating itself from the rest!," says Juniors DOC Matt Howe.
Another exclusive benefit to being a member of TSC Hurricane!


Psychosocial Training:  Six Pillars of Club Culture All teams, staff and parents should be spiritually disciplined, technically adept, mentally & emotionally driven, tactically & educationally intelligent, socially brave, and physically talented.  
Technical Training:  Four Key Player Elements (Ball Mastery Sessions) All players should be great running with & without the ball, receiving, releasing, and retaining the ball.  
Functional Training:  Three Team Components (Function Sessions) All teams should have sound defense, unpredictable possession oriented build up, and drive to attack.  
Transition Training:  Four Main Moments (Team Sessions)  All teams should predict play 1-2 moments ahead of real time with small-sided games.