ECNL Regional League

ECNL Regional League

Juniors Player Development Philosophy Follows US Soccer

JDL follows US Soccer Development Format and Philosophies


Learn about our Player Development Initiatives and Philosophy 

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As an official US Soccer Development Academy and ECNL Member, we feel it is our responsibility to be a leader in influencing player, coach and referee development (and identifying and nurturing talent) for our entire area. And provide the best opportunities for players as they grow through the system.

Establishing the right foundation is essential. 

We encourage everyone to read these slides recently published by US Soccer. Our Juniors programming will reinforce and follow these important philosophical guidelines. 

A few key points about our Juniors programming: 
-Coaches will be appropriately licensed and will promote continuous learning (one of our Core Values).
-Continue the "in-house" model so we can better manage the format, environment, movement of players, player participation, number and quality of matches, etc. 
-Focus on learning the fundamentals, technique and creating passion for the game over "winning". Our JDL will not keep scores, have "playoffs" or a league "championship".
-Follow technical standards and establish measures.

Our Development Motto: TECHNIQUE. INSIGHT. PASSION. 

We know we have more work to do as a club. And we are more committed than ever to bringing the best in coaching, opportunities and resources to help each and every player reach their potential.

At our coaches meeting last night it was obvious that our coaches are passionate, excited and more eager than ever to work together in helping players become the best they can be. 


We appreciate all parents helping us support these initiatives and philosophies as we continue to strive for higher development standards and creating Future Stars in the Game of Soccer and in Life!

US Soccer ReleaseView Complete Presentation.


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