Labor Day Champions

Several Teams Win in Labor Day Events



The club was well represented across the region with most TSC Hurricane teams participating in Labor Day events with several advancing and winning championships.  

Congratulations to the following teams!!  
BASC Labor Day
01B Miller - Champions
03G Sharp - Finalist
Plano Labor Day
04B Crouch - Quarterfinalist
03B Ragland - Champions
02B Barkley - Quarterfinalist
02B Griffiths - Quarterfinalist
01B Carreno - Finalist (pictured)
01B Yates - Quarterfinalist
99B Lundy - Finalist
99B Blackwell - Semifinalist
99B DeFreitas - Quarterfinalist
98B Bent - Semifinalist
98B Blackwell - Quarterfinalist
97B DeFreitas - Quarterfinalist
04G Kitterman - Quarterfinalist
04G Winters - Quarterfinalist
03G Amos - Quarterfinalist
03G Williams - Champions (pictured)
Midwest Labor Day
06B Red - Champions
06B Blue - Champions
00B Diver - Champions