Lexus Tulsa Cup Champions

Congratulations to all our teams who advanced and claimed victories at the 2015 Lexus Tulsa Cup!

09B Black Sanders - Finalist (playing up)
08B Orange Waite/Yates - Finalist
07B Griffiths - Champions
07B Carreno - Champions (playing up)
03B Schwab - Semis
03B Ragland/Edwards - Champions
03B Amos - Semis
02B Lewis - Finalist
01B Carreno - Finalist (playing up)
00B Nsien - Champions
99B Porto - Champions
99B Howe - Semis
07G Crouch - Finalist
06G Hansen White - Semis
06G Cosby - Finalist
07G Tokarchik - Semis (playing up)
05G Carreno Gold - Semis
05G Carreno Red - Finalist
04G Winters - Champions
04G Kitterman - Champions (playing up)
02G Parker - Champions
01G Rhein - Champions
00G Richardson - Champions
99G Rhein - Champions
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