NEOFC and TSC Hurricane Form Alliance for the Benefit of the Bartlesville Community

Innovative Player Pathway Program Will Be Part of the Agreement

NEOFC and TSC Hurricane Form Alliance for the Benefit of the Bartlesville Community

Over the last year and a half, OPC clubs have built stronger relationships as we innovate and improve the game. As part of a larger “OPC team”, TSCH and NEOFC have built a professional relationship allowing both clubs to make decisions that will have a larger impact on player development and opportunities over time.

Bartlesville is unique and exciting market where both clubs have a history. However, both clubs realize that competition in that market could negatively affect player experience. To that end, both clubs have agreed on a joint plan to bring the soccer community together for the benefit of the game and the players. Effective with the 2018-19 seasonal year, NEOFC will be the main presence in Bartlesville. Here are the elements we considered as we collaborated on this decision:

1. We recognize NEOFC’s geographic location allows for the easier management and sharing of resources

2. We want to continue to provide opportunities for players who are ready for higher levels if they so choose.

3. We want to promote a healthy environment for players to flourish as part of club collaborations and OPC programming.

As part of this agreement, and to ensure there is a clear pathway for NEOFC Bartlesville players, the clubs will use a cutting-edge Player Sharing Agreement which will provide opportunities for elite players with a managed and direct path into TSC Hurricane ECNL.

“We have a great example of how player sharing has worked already. NEOFC alum Keith Peterson also had a stint with TSCH ECNL which helped him gain the experience and exposure to be selected for Sporting KC MLS Academy – where he is now flourishing. Formalizing this process will provide more opportunities for players while also recognizing the development happening at the local club level. Obviously NEOFC is doing some great things with player development and we want to provide even more opportunities” says Jim Tindell, TSC Hurricane Executive Director.

Alex Miranda, NEOFC Executive Director, sees a bright future: “We are excited to announce this first of a kind partnership that will maximize all of our players potential. The Elite Player Program is forward thinking system. We can now say with absolute confidence to all of our players at NEOFC that there are real, concrete opportunities here for elite play without leaving your home region of northeast Oklahoma.”

Jamie Peterson, NEOFC Director of Coaching, adds: “It’s exciting to see the Bartlesville soccer community come together. We look forward to helping develop the soccer players in our region and grow the game of soccer in Bartlesville.”

TSCH would like to thank all of the people of Bartlesville for their support and time in attempting to build a better program for their kids. We look forward to helping put players first in this new chapter for Bartlesville soccer.