NPL Model

NPL sessions for older age groups announced. 


NPL Coaches (Based on calendar year)
00 (U13)                David Yates – National A License
99 (U14)                Ryan Pore – National B License (A in 2013)
98 (U15)                David Yates – National A License
97 (U16)                Michael Nsien – National A License
96 (U17/18)           Chris Spears/K King – National C License 
NPL Model
Purpose:  The NPL will provide additional player development and exposure opportunities as a compliment to their normal OSA competitive team. Because our players will be competing against some of the top clubs in the nation, it is imperative we form NPL travel squads based on "calendar" year. Participation in the MDL-NPL will provide these players with enhanced development & exposure opportunities that cannot be replicated any where else in Oklahoma.
Player development benefits:  TSC Hurricane will again participate in the Midwest Development League (MDL) of the NPL.  The MDL is one of the top leagues in the country and TSC Hurricane is the ONLY Oklahoma club that is a member of the MDL-NPL.  The MDL includes US Soccer Development Academy clubs providing a unique opportunity for our players to get more exposure and compete against the best.  Besides the added exposure of the NPL and playing against top level, the calendar year format allows the younger OSA players (those born Jan-June) to compete as older players on their respective NPL travel squads.  Conversely, the OSA “older players” (those born Aug-Dec) will be competing against “older” players in the NPL which is good for their development.  These situations provide unique development opportunities and exposure for all of our elite players that cannot be replicated.  Players selected to NPL travel pools will also receive additional training.
NPL Travel Squads
  • NPL “travel pool” rosters will be formed by the NPL coaches’ decisions on where players should be placed based on calendar year (Jan-Dec)
  • There is no change to their regular OSA competitive team. NPL training/participation will served as a compliment with training/match schedules being managed by the coaches/club so that conflicts between OSA and NPL events are minimized as much as possible.
  • U13 (00s) & U14 (99s) players placed/travel pools formed in July/Aug
  • U15 (98s), U16 (97s) and U17/18 (96s/95s) formed in Sept/Oct    
  • Being an NPL player as a higher standard and therefore the club will expect a higher level of professionalism.  Players will be expected to meet high standards of behavior and training for all NPL events.  Player Expectations.
  • NPL teams train together as additional training to compliment their OSA training (Specific NPL training schedule will be set by each coach.)
  • Players will get exposure to other NPL coaches and players that they normally may not experience with their OSA Competitive team 
  • NPL Travel Rosters will be selected and announced in advance to plan for travel, etc.  Travel Rosters may not include all players on the NPL “travel pool”.  
  • NPL Travel Squads will be expected to travel together on buses on "club sponsored" NPL trips.
  • All NPL teams are expected to follow travel expectations on website.  Travel together, dress the same and have a professional appearance.  Club Travel Guidelines.
The club will contribute partial funding toward NPL expenses with the players also sharing in some of the costs associated with being a part of NPL.  Players selected to the NPL travel pools would be responsible for an additional fee that equates to $30/mo (See below).  This fee is collected separate from their normal OSA team dues.
Collected (current TSC Hurricane players):
U13-14 $300 ($30/mo) - Aug-May (10 mos) NPL Rosters expected to be formed in July/Aug.
U15-18 $240 ($30/mo) - Oct-May (8 mos) NPL Rosters expected to be formed in Sep/Oct.
Non-TSC Hurricane players - $50/mo.
These fees will help fund the following:
Player transportation on club sponsored trips*
NPL league fees for the teams
Additional NPL player registration fees  
Medical trainers at NPL home matches
Additional coach training costs
Field rental fees for extra training
Coaches travel costs
NPL Showcase Fees in Spring
Referee assignor and game fees
Special NPL jerseys for NPL games 
*The club will identify which NPL trips will be club sponsored once the schedule is released.  Players are expected to cover their own travel expenses on all non club sponsored trips. 
This is another reason why it is a great time to be a member of TSC Hurricane.