Referee Program Announced

TSC Hurricane Welcomes Dave Moore to oversee Referee Programming

 TSC Hurricane is excited to announce a new Referee Development Program and that David Moore will be...

TSC Hurricane is excited to announce a new Referee Development Program and that David Moore will be joining the club as Head of Referee Programming.  
Dave will oversee all of the club’s Referee Development and facilitate the management of referee resources as they relate to TSC Hurricane events.  In his role, Dave will be supporting the club’s current Referee Assignors Trey Twyman (MTsc) and Mike Naumann (BASC) as well as the MTsc/BASC "Area Referees" responsible for development.  This new role will be an added area of responsibility for Dave as there will be no change with his current duties as referee assignor for OSA or other club(s).  
"Following the same commitment to excellence TSC Hurricane has demonstrated in player, coaching and organizational development, it is exciting to see a new, directed effort in the development of soccer referees and assistant referees.  Advancing the levels of education, field training and game management for our referees will benefit everyone involved--players, coaches, parents and all other participants in youth soccer at every level and across Oklahoma," says Dave Moore.
TSC Hurricane brings some of the highest level games to the state and it is anticipated these events will be leveraged for developing higher level referees.  The club will also look to partner with OSA and other organizations in how this program can serve as a compliment to those efforts.

"We are excited about Dave joining our team.  We’ve focused a lot on player and coach development and feel that as a club we should be doing our part in the soccer community to invest more in referee development with particular focus on the competitive and higher level referees.  We are excited about what Dave will bring to these efforts.  We feel his unique expertise, network and innovative ideas combined with our club resources and events, will have a big impact for many referees across our state," says Jim Tindell.

Please continue to check the TSC Hurricane website for future information regarding some of the referee programming and the opportunities that may be provided for referees across the Tulsa area.