Senior Players on National Signing Day

Several seniors of your club have committed to their respective universities.*  Congratulations to all these seniors as they will soon begin a new phase in their soccer careers and lives!!!  TSC Hurricane is proud of all of you!!  (We will update this list as new information arrives.)

Lauren King - TU
Ailee Pruitt - Oklahoma Baptist
Cristian Mata - TU
Isaac Fraly -  St Louis
Ben Lacourse -  TU
Jordan Cuckler - Memphis
Tyler Hill - ORU
Harry Kane -  Stevens Inst of Tech
Ashley Martin - ORU
Kayla Keller - ORU
Colby Glover - Sam Houston State
Kailey Cox - DePaul Univ
Alexa Sidorakis - TU
Emma Blackwell - Florida Gulf Coast
Miranda Balezentis -  Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Sarah Sordahl  -  East Central University
Preston Keener -  Southwestern Christian University
Tyler McIntosh -  Mid America Christian University
Steven Lindsey - Southwestern Christian University 
Getting close:
Tom Carwile - Trinity or Yale
Emanuel Raranje - Trinity or St Marys
Aj Dodson  - OCU
Sean Parker -  William Jewell
Jasen Kinsley - Naval Academy or Coast Guard
Alex Bright - RSU
*Please note:  If you are not listed we do apologize!  We attempted to obtain everyone’s name so if we accidentially missed someone or if you have an update on your signing, please send to