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ECNL Regional League

State-of-the-art Training Complex for TSCH Announced

Local investment group plans massive state-of-the-art Elite Training Center and partnership with TSC Hurricane

We are very excited to announce that...

TULSA, Ok (May 28, 2016) – We are very excited to announce that a planned sports complex developed by a local investor group will serve as a new state-of-the-art Elite Training Center for TSC Hurricane! This new complex will be located in the immediate Tulsa area.

“As an organization, we are continuously striving to improve into a more modern, progressive football club. Our goal is to provide the best possible training environment, with the best facilities and the best coaching staff to develop local talent, and training that talent to an elite level, which we believe will lead to stronger opportunities for all our players and ultimate success,” said Jim Tindell, TSCH Executive Director.

TSC Hurricane has formed an innovative partnership to move the club to the next level. This partnership will provide TSC Hurricane with a state-of-the-art training facility with great benefits for ALL club members. The facility will be an indoor and outdoor complex. There is not a facility like this in the region.

Director of Coaching Mark McIntosh adds, “This will be transformational for our entire club. Having quality full size lighted fields coupled with new performance training services will allow our coaches and teams to do things we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to achieve.”

A group of local investors is building a premier indoor/outdoor complex. They are in the middle of the pre-development process and a full news release is coming soon. This is something that all of TSC Hurricane can be excited about. We are fortunate to be building this partnership from the ground up.  Development plans are in the final stages before construction is ready to begin. Barring any unforseen issues in the development process, TSC Hurricane is expected to move into the new facility as soon as late 2016 and will continue to use All-Star Training Center. ISSC and Holland Hall usage will be adjusted based on needed capacity. 

“Every city looks for an iconic landmark that will identify it regionally and internationally and in the sports world this will certainly be one of them,” said Jim Tindell. “This new state-of-the-art training center will put us on the map and send a message that we are serious about taking our player development to new levels. Our focus is bringing the absolute best to our players," added Tindell.

In conjunction with the Elite Training Center, TSCH will create “education centers” which will include classroom designed curriculum to the players, coaches and referees in need of specialized training, providing an entry point for elite development in the sport, potential new unique development pathways toward the highest levels available and an adjunct level of training regimens designed to compliment the already excellent club/recreational systems across all of TSCH's affiliates including Broken Arrow Soccer Club, Metro Tulsa Soccer Clubs United and TSCH Bartlesville.  “Our collective passion about building this soccer community is at the core of everything we do, with our job being to guide development and provide the best opportunities for the entire soccer community across the state and NE Oklahoma region,” continued Tindell.

A full news release providing more details about the facility, expected TSCH member benefits and artist renderings will be forthcoming in the near future.  There is expected to be a small monthly membership fee of $5/mo (built into the club dues) to help offset some of the usage costs associated with the new complex and will include valuable club member benefits and amenities that will far exceed the fee.  More details coming soon!

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