Technical Testing and Player Development Standards Implemented

Technical Testing (Juniors Ages 6-10) 

TSC Hurricane has implemented a complete Technical Curriculum and established Player Development Standards at each stage of their development beginning with the Juniors ages.  Technical Testing and Measurements will be implemented as a part of the development process--raising the standards for development success measures going forward.  An overall playing philosophy is also being developed across the boys/girls programs.  We are all about continuous improvement so these will continue to evolve.

TSC Hurricane continues to set the bar when it comes to player development and exposure such as these Juniors initiatives, ECNL, CSFL, JDL, College Showcase, Roughnecks FC Affiliation and the recent implementation of our Elite Training Centers.

Like any developmental endeavor, part of affecting improvement is measuring, motivating and recognizing effort and progress...and it's not found simply in goals scored or wins and losses.

As part of TSC Hurricane's Juniors Program, your player and team will go through some basic skill tests which we have "borrowed" from well-known academies and programs.  These are not selection or identification tools - but they do provide benchmarks that players and coaches can use to make a path towards improvement.

See more and view sample video.

While we will recognize top performers and biggest gainers routinely - the number one target is for all players to first commit to topping their OWN performances - certainly with goals if they'd like to finish as high in their team or the club as they want to dream.  

Watch for additional player development initiatives and expanded programming announcements in the future!

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