Texas Champions League Announced

New League for ECNL Composite Teams to begin Fall 2016

A formal announcement by US Club....

A formal announcement by US Club about the Texas Champions League was recently made which will include a new regional league component for our ECNL Composite Teams. 

The Texas Champions League will give our participating teams the added benefit of a post season qualifying opportunity through the NPL Regionals and Nationals competition structure. 

Texas Conference ECNL clubs will form Composite Teams with some matches played in conjunction with ECNL matches and additional matches with top club/team q ualifiers from the STX (USC) and NTX (Lake Highlands) leagues. As the ECNL club from Okla TSCH was automatically admitted into the Texas Champions League. OFC was also accepted as the other Oklahoma club.

Coach David Critchley and Kerry Shubert will be providing more details to our composite teams in the near future as they emerge.