Festival Details

We look forward to a fun Saturday with all of the teams participating in this club-wide family event.  RSVP Here.
There will be carnival games, food ($5 for a pizza or taco meal), and a football festival for everyone.  
11:00am-2:00pm @ All-Star  (tent will be on Field 8 Warm up area)
Football Festival Format
Group leaders with respective age group coaches will help organize each time period.
All games coed. 
11:00am u10and below - Carreno, Waite, Crouch, Mark 
11:45am u12 - Umelo, Griffin, Simba, A Carreno 
12:30pm u14 - Beattie, Schwab, Rhein, Nsien  
1:15pm u15 and older (includingadults/coaches) - Rhein, Richardson, Shubert, Porto, Miller
The Pick Up Game
This is an opportunity for a club to return players to the pick-up game (free play) environment where players learn how to play the game from each other. 
Coaches/adults will be on site for safety and general supervision, but otherwise it is all up to the players to organize the games. 
The adults will NOT coach, cheer, criticize, referee or in any other way involve themselves in the game. 
The coaches are on site NOT to coach, but to supervise, be on hand for any serious injuries and any severe discipline problems. 
Additionally the coaches are there to let the players know when each game segment starts and stops.
This is a chance for players to play the game for the FUN of the game. Street soccer brings together children, parents and coaches to a soccer celebration.

Guidelines for the TSCH Football Festival:
• participants will play at their scheduled time period 
• 4v4 (or 5v5 and the use of goalkeepers is optional)
• Matches are 4 
minutes long, using small goals
• Kick-off from middle
• After a goal has been scored the player may dribble or pass the ball from the back line 
• Free-kicks are always indirect, the distance from the opponent to the ball must be at least three yards 
• Instead of throw-ins the ball is kicked in from the side line and is indirect 
• No off-side 
• One can score from any position on the field 
• Players have to decide their positions among themselves 
 Players keep track of the score themselves. Winners stay on field and play next group in line. Teams that are tied both come off. 
• There are no referees 
• Players control the rules themselves 
• The number of participants will vary depending on numbers
• At each field there are pennies
• Players make their own substitutions 
Look forward to seeing everyone have a good time.