Coaching Conflicts & Tournament Schedule

Coaching Conflicts

The schedule for this tournament is posted below, therefore no coaching conflicts will be resolved.  By posting the schedule ahead of the event, the coach can determine if he/she wants to bring in multiple teams and get game coverage via their colleagues or not bring the additional teams in which they coach.  Our goal is to provide transparency to ensure teams that register are fully informed as to what the schedules will be and therefore can plan accordingly.

Tournament Schedule


  • Titan Main Complex
U13B 7:45am 1:45pm
U13G 9:15am 3:15pm
U14B & U14G 10:45am 4:45pm
  • Titan South Complex
U9G 7:45am 1:45pm
U10G 9:15am 3:15pm
U9B 10:45am 4:45pm
U10B 12:15pm 7:15pm
U11G 7:45am 1:45pm
U12G 9:15am 3:15pm
U11B 10:45am 4:45pm
U12B 12:15pm 7:15pm


  • Titan Main Complex
U13G 7:45am Finals @ 1:45pm
U13B 9:15am Finals @ 3:15pm
U14B & U14G 10:45am Finals @ 4:45pm
  • Titan South Complex
U9B 7:45am Finals @ 1:45pm
U10B 9:15am Finals @ 1:45pm
U9G 10:45am Finals @ 3:15pm
U10G 12:15pm Finals @ 4:45pm
U11B 7:45am Finals @ 1:45pm
U12B 9:15am Finals @ 1:45pm
U11G 10:45am Finals @ 3:15pm
U12G 12:15pm Finals @ 4:45pm