February 25, 2012 Friendlies

TSC Hurricane will be hosting Friendlies for all ages (U7-U19) on February 25 at our Metro Tulsa Soccer Complex

TSC Hurricane teams should reserve space using this form:  Friendlies Field Reservation Request  There is NO field rental cost for TSC Hurricane teams.  If you are a NON-TSC Hurricane team please reach out to TSC Hurricane teams if you are interested in scrimmaging them.  See our Team links for contact information.

TSC Hurricane teams are responsible for their own refs and should contact Neal Mercer for referees.

All teams must adhere to the MTSC Complex Policies.  MTsc Complex Map

See calendar below for field availability on February 25, 2012.


Sat, 2/25 1 3 5 7A 7B 7C 8A 8B 9 10 11A 11B 12
10:00am 00G Parker            03G Winters       99G Griffin 04G Carreno     99G Rusling
11:30am  00G Lewis           04G Winters   01B Miller     98B Diver  04G Knapp  02B Newell  99G Rusling
1:00pm 00G Parker            04G Edwards  01G Rozell   99G Griffin  99G Sharp  03G Knapp  

01B Crouch

2:30pm               01B Melton       04B Gaines  04B Crouch   00G Arundell
4:00pm 00G Lewis                     04B Sharp 04B Crouch   02G Arundell