TSC Hurricane 2018-19 ECNL Girls Staff

Learn More about the ECNL and the Player Identification and Evaluation Process

TSC Hurricane 2018-19 ECNL Girls Staff

2018-19 ECNL Girls Staff Announced

Player Idenfitication and Evaluation Process

More about the ECNL

For maximum benefit of the training, collegiate recruiting assistance and player development experience, ECNL staff will work together so that players get exposed to all ECNL staff and methods. 

(Note: Boys ECNL To Be Announced Soon.)

2018-19 TSC Hurricane ECNL Girls Coaching Staff 


U13 (06) - Donivan Bradshaw

U14 (05) - Donivan Bradshaw

U15 (04) - Donivan Bradshaw/Derek Sharp

U16 (03) - Kerry Shubert/Richard Beattie

U17 (02) - Russell Ragland

U18/19 (00/01) - Kerry Shubert

U18/19 (00/01) ECNL Composite - Richard Beattie

TCL Champions League

U14 (05) - John Rhein

U15 (04) - George Chatzigiannidis

U16 (03) - Richard Beattie/Kerry Shubert

U17 (02) - George Chatzigiannidis

U18/19 (00/01) - TBA

For more information on the TSC Hurricane ECNL program, please feel free to contact Kerry Shubert, ECNL Director at kerry@soccercitytulsa.com.  (918) 691-2193.