TSC Hurricane Accepted into National Premier Leagues

TSC Hurricane Accepted into National Premier Leagues!!NPL logo

The Midwest Development League (MDL), part of US Club Soccer’s National Premier Leagues (NPL), has announced that it will add TSC Hurricane and 4 other clubs for the 2012-13 season!! 
Labeled by some as the "ECNL for Boys", this will be a huge opportunity for our top boys teams (U13 and up) and provide enormous exposure to those players.  
"The youth soccer landscape is changing very rapidly.  We have continued to see a dramatic shift in what the elite clubs are doing around the country. We wanted to ensure we were at the forefront of providing Oklahoma players with the highest possible opportunity to compete with Development Academy and other top clubs in the nation on a regular basis.  Like the ECNL, our NPL teams will get additional opportunities in front of college and US Soccer staff," says Jim Tindell, Executive Director.  
"By the same token, we will always support OSA/USYS and the GCSA/OPL/PLW leagues as the main competition structure for the vastMDL Logo majority of our teams.  Our boys teams plan to continue participating in the PLW as well.  We value our relationship with OSA and only look to strengthen that relationship in the future.  The NPL is just going to be able to provide additional exposure and opportunities for our top boys teams," added Jim.
Like the ECNL, TSC Hurricane had to go through an extensive application process similar to ECNL.  "The NPL is definitely going to be a challenge for us.  But it will give our top boys teams an opportunity to compete with other US Development Academy clubs.  We are looking forward to competing at that level as we feel this will also move us a step forward in our plans for landing a Development Academy membership some day, " says DOC Mark McIntosh.
The club is in the process of obtaining details on how the league will operate and the plans for the boys teams.  The club is working with the boys coaches and will be providing additional information to members in the near future. NO OTHER CLUB IN OKLAHOMA WAS ACCEPTED IN THE NPL.
OSA players not already a member of TSC Hurricane have opportunities to join an NPL team.  "Because of this announcement there are probably some players not with TSC Hurricane who are thinking twice about their decisions.  If you are a player (or groups of players) who signed a GCSA commitment with another club at tryouts and you want to explore the opportunity of joining a TSC Hurricane NPL team may still do so by contacting the appropriate coach.  The NPL is not governed by GCSA or OSA," says Jim.
NPL Coaches/Teams:
99/98 - Jason Bedwell
98/97 - Shan Kitterman
About the NPL....
The NPL was created to provide a unified, league-based national developmental platform with the highest level of competition in given geographic areas, and to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape based upon fundamental principles outlined in US Club Soccer’s 10-year vision.