TSC Hurricane has announced boys and girls staff assignments, as well as....




TSC Hurricane has announced boys and girls staff assignments, as well as team formation information on the heels of the major news the club will join the Oklahoma Premier Clubs and the Red River National Premier League for 2017-18.   All 2017-2018 Tryout information for u11-u19 competitive teams can be found here.  


US Soccer National Training Centers - The club has helped 20+ players get invited to US Soccer National Training Centers over the past year.

Elite Training Centers/ID2 ODP Program - ETC Players have received additional exposure and training in front of ECNL staff. ID2/PDP program to be launched in Fall 2017 as part of OPC/NPL platform.

Performance Training - New programming opportunities with Titan Performance and Sports Center will provide our players with special options for advanced speed, strength, agility and recovery training that will be further integrated into our training regimen for elite players.

Video Analysis - The club has invested in video equipment and will be expanding it’s use for match analysis.

College Fit Finder - TSCH has become an official partner with College Fit Finder which is an expansive and extensive College Search software that is available to every TSCH College Prospect (U14 and older), free of charge (annual value to each player who uses it = $100/player).  College Fit Finder helps players generate profiles for online promotion, and more significantly helps players filter the thousands of college options by cost, geography, division, academics, and other filter categories, then places the player in "direct contact" with the college program, and the college program in direct contact with the player! Targeted to launch this Summer!

Tulsa Soccer Academy Full Time School - TSA is planning future enhanced services for students including class room, field space, and college counseling as part of a planned future move upon the opening of the new Titan Sports and Performance Center. TSA Enrollment Information

Roughnecks Academy partnership - TSCH players and coaches will be further integrated with the Roughnecks Staff to provide development opportunities for a more integrated player pathway (Path to the Pros). View Boys Player Pathway.

TSCH GK Development Academy - With the move to the new Training Center at Titan, GK Director Isaac Sandoval is planning on an ehanced program that further integrates GK tactical along with the technical development. GK Academy Page and Summer Camp.

Futsal - Opportunities for additional Futsal training will be further integrated into programs for the younger age groups as part of the TSCH Curriculum.

Player Pathway and Development Model - A clearer player pathway and development model that focuses on the fundamentals, creating passion for the game at the younger ages, while transitioning into the competitive and tactical aspects as a player progresses through our development model.



OPC and Red River NPL - TSCH announced earlier this month that it will be a founding member of the Oklahoma Premier Clubs (OPC).  This innovative new state and regional wide conference of clubs will lead a streamlined scheduling process that will enhance periodization and improve regional league travel and scheduling for families.  TSCH will have at least 12 teams participate in the National Premier League platform (U13-19 Boys & Girls), providing more players from TSCH expanded opportunities to compete at Regional and National levels.  OPC is for "OPL/OCL" level teams in a "state wide" league format. NPL Red River is the "regional" league format for SRPL/OPL Gold level teams. The OPC platform also provides TSCH players direct access to Olympic Development Program evaluations and assessments on a regular basis as part of US Club Soccer's PDP/ID2 ODP program.

Boys ECNL Launches - The Boys ECNL officially launches in the Fall 2017 which will change the landscape for Elite Boys in the nation. TSCH is the ONLY ECNL club member in Oklahoma. More about Boys ECNL.

Girls ECNL Expansion - The ECNL recently announced the expansion of the U13 age group (05s) providing that age group with an introduction into ECNL programming in preparation for higher levels.

USL Super Y - The USL's national youth league, Super Y League, announced several months ago the creation of a new Mid-South Division and TSCH as a new member.  Primarily a summer league, TSCH will field 5 boys teams in the following ages:  U13, U14, U15, U16/17 and U18/19. 

August Friendlies - To help serve as a good pre-season vehicle, the club will be hosting a new friendlies event at the new Training Center at Titan on August 5-6, 2017.

Bartlesville Live 3v3 - The first ever tournament to be held in Bartlesville, the 3v3 Live Tournament will be held on June 10, 2017. 3v3 Live Info and Sign Up.

Added services to Sam Shannon Showcase - The largest and only full scale College Showcase in Oklahoma will get even better with all games in the U17 and up age groups to be filmed as an added value service to participants.  

Elite College Prep Program - Get ready for your fall season with this intense elite level summer training program. Learn More

Summer Development Program (Ages 5-10) - Keep your skills sharp while learning new things held on Tuesdays during the summer. Learn More.


Community Outreach - TSCH plans a new partnership with the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club at North Mabee to provide new soccer programming to introduce the game to these kids.

After school & KickStart programs - Tulsa Soccer Academy partners with local schools to provide After School soccer programs and in school for toddlers as part of the KickStart program.

Tulsa, BA Chamber and Sports Commission Initiatives - TSCH is a strong partner with the Tulsa Regional and Broken Arrow Chambers as well as the Tulsa Sports Commission to help bring future regional and national events to the Tulsa area as well as how we can grow the sport in our area.

Player Education and ID program - TSCH will be creating new programs that will help serve to better educate parents who are new to "competitive" soccer on the benefits of TSCH programming and potential opportunities in soccer. 


Bartlesville and Mayes County Division Expansion - TSC Hurricane continues to build new partnerships and Grow the Game with the announcement of a division in Mayes County.  Teams continue to operate and play home games at those home complexes while benefitting from the programs, resources and opportunities from being a part of TSC Hurricane.

Elite Training Center at Titan - TSCH has signed a multi-year agreement to become the anchor at Titan Sports and Performance Center's main complex. As part of this agreement, TSCH teams will have exclusive field privilages during the week as well as availability on weekends.  The complex will be next to the 175k sq ft state-of-the-art building that will provide additional amenities including special partner benefits for TSCH coaches and families.  More to come.

Website update - TSCH is undergoing a new and enhanced website that will bring a more modern look as well as mobilize the site.

Complex enhancements - MTsc United has made investments on the MTsc North complex including field enhancements and new referee building. BASC's Indian Springs also has future significant investments planned with additional lighting of fields on the West side as well as extensive irrigation upgrades.


Expanded opportunities for coaches - New positions have been created as development and career opportunities for coaches as we continue to build and make changes to our organizational structure that will also better serve our members. More to come.

License upgrades - The club has made significant investments in several coaches to obtain higher license levels including 1 UEFA A planned, 1 UEFA B, 2 USSF A, 5 USSF B, 11 new USSF C, 6 new USSF National Y and several more USSF D licenses.

ECNL Coach Symposium - ECNL held it's first ever Coach Symposium in AZ earlier this year and had LaLiga Certification course as part of the event. The ECNL Coach Symposium is planned again for next year and will include the addition of the Boys ECNL Coaching Staffs.

OPC Coach Symposium - As part of one of the four OPC Platforms, Coach Development will include a planned OPC Coach Symposium that will bring OPC coaches together in January 2018 for networking, education and sharing best practices.

Coach Development Program - TSCH is piloting a formal Coach Development Program which will include pairing a coach with a mentor, formal feedback loop, analysis and evaluation, technical reporting and people management skills building.  The pilot launched in the Spring 2017.


Club Tryout Information and Coach Listings