TSC Hurricane to Focus on ECNL

The Club Will Decline the Invitation to the US Soccer Development Academy for the 2017-18 Season

November 29, 2016 - Tulsa, OK -- After much consideration, TSC Hurricane has decided to decline our invitation into the U.S. Girls Development Academy for the 2017/18 season.

The TSC Hurricane Leadership Group feel the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) has provided our players with a league that is the best female youth league in the world. The ECNL has provided the structure, competition and showcase events that allow our players to develop into collegiate level athletes. In addition, our ECNL Conference has collaborated with the Texas Champions League which is building to be a tremendous platform for our players striving to play in the ECNL. Our current structure enables us to continue to develop elite level players in the clearest and most efficient way. In the last 6 years the ECNL has helped us graduate hundreds of players who have gone on to play at some of the best colleges in the country.  We have also consulted with many college coaches on the matter.

After thorough consideration of our current structure, market and future plans, at length, we feel that it would be very difficult for our club, or any club for that matter, to have the resources to compete in both leagues at the highest level. In addition there would be a continual internal conflict within the club about where players should be playing and who should be coaching. At some point one league would ultimately become secondary within the club and we feel this isn't fair to either league, our players or our coaching staff.

In making our decision, below are the major factors we considered;

  1. Condensing our ECNL teams from 6 to 3 DA teams, and then not having a quality league to provide for the remaining players, would negatively impact many players and hurt our club. This would also reduce development opportunities for coaches.
  2. The DA Conference alignment, travel and increased costs would place enormous stress on our players, parents, staff and resources.
  3. The DA would not allow High School participation.  While we are in support of this philosophy for elite players at a certain level, we are unsure if our region is ready to fully embrace it as it would require a cultural shift in our market and a difficult decision for players.
  4. The prospect of a Boys ECNL will provide new and expanded opportunities for boys players that have previously been unavailable in Oklahoma. We expect the Boys ECNL will significantly change the national landscape for boys much like the Girls ECNL.
  5. The ECNL is the best platform available to our players so we see no reason to change. The ECNL provides the best structure, competition, and showcases possible -- especially for players who aspire to play at quality college programs.
  6. Our end goal is to provide the best training and playing environment for ALL of our players and to make sure we help them get into the best colleges in the country. Our current ECNL/NPL structure is the best platform for us to do this.

The Federation obviously accepted our club based on our qualifications and player development history and we appreciate US Soccer’s invitation and faith in our club.  It was a difficult decision to not fully participate in the Development Academy for the 2016-17 season.  In any event, TSC Hurricane will continue to evaluate each year what national platforms would be in the best interest of our players. 

Rest assured, TSC Hurricane will continue to be the leader in Oklahoma in the development of players at the highest levels of the game and providing the best platforms, coaches and programs to ensure that continues for the long term.

Thank you for your continued support of TSC Hurricane – Creating Future Stars in the Game of Soccer and in Life.

Jim Tindell                 Mark McIntosh           Kerry Shubert                    Michael Nsien                  John Rhein
Executive Director       President/DOC           Girls ECNL Director             Boys/TSA Director             Girls Director