Tulsa Soccer Club WPSL Announced

Tulsa Soccer Club WPSL Announced

TULSA, OK. – On Friday, March 6th, Fortuna Tulsa announced that the team will don a new identity for the upcoming 2020 Summer Season. The team will move forward as Tulsa Soccer Club (TSC), the new look will symbolize a Path to Pro for Women’s Soccer in Tulsa.

“With the acquisition of Tulsa Soccer Club, we wanted to give a pathway for girls in our club and around Tulsa into our senior team,” said Owner, Barry Williams. “We want to provide the opportunity for girls and women to reach their soccer goals without having to leave Tulsa.”

TSC WPSL will serve as Tulsa’s home for Women’s Soccer in the 2020 Summer. A few new faces will be joining the key returners on the field this summer.

“Creating a unified brand is another step in creating a pathway for our youth players who aim to someday be on the senior team,” said Head Coach, Yolanda Thomas. “It’s a privilege to be part of a club dedicated to raising the bar for girls and women’s soccer in America.”

TSC WPSL, in their third season, will aim to defend their WPSL Red River Conference Title Championship this upcoming summer as they eye another trip to the Regional Championship.

“A pathway to a senior team is creating a culture within our organization that helps set goals for our youth players to achieve,” said General Manager, Tina Banham. “It is exciting to see youth players supporting our WPSL team and creating a passion for the game that inspires them to dream big!”

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