WSA and TSC Hurricane 1st Junior Development League Series set for this Sunday!!

Cooperation in Youth Development Programming

The schedule has been announced for the first series of WSA’Unified League and TSC Hurricane’s Junior Development League (JDL).....

As announced last month, WSA’s Unified League and TSC Hurricane’s Junior Development League (JDL) have announced an innovative joint partnership that will create additional development matches for U8-10 age groups.  The clubs will set some home and away series beginning this Fall to compliment their existing in-house development leagues.  The first matches of the series are this Sunday, Aug 19 at ISSC.  Schedule below:
Time Home Visitor Field
1:00 PM TSCH 04B Sharp WSA 03 BOYS BLUE 14
1:00 PM TSCH 03B Green WSA 03 BOYS RED 15
1:00 PM TSCH 03G Rathbun Red (A) WSA 03 GIRLS RED 16
2:00 PM TSCH 04G Winters "B" WSA 04 GIRLS RED 14
2:00 PM TSCH 05B Bradshaw Gold WSA 05 BOYS 15
2:00 PM TSCH 05G Carreno Gold WSA 05/06 GIRLS 16
3:00 PM TSCH 04B Shannon WSA 03 BOYS BLUE 14
3:00 PM TSCH 04B Crouch WSA 03 BOYS RED 15
3:00 PM TSCH 03G Williams WSA 03 GIRLS RED 16
4:00 PM TSCH 04G Carreno WSA 04 GIRLS RED 14
4:00 PM TSCH 05B Bradshaw Red WSA 05 BOYS 15
4:00 PM TSCH 04G Amos Gold (B) WSA 04 GIRLS BLUE 16
”This partnership with TSC Hurricane represents an opportunity for us to further serve our kids in our Youth Development Program, and an opportunity to demonstrate that cooperation with neighboring clubs can be productive and beneficial.  We are very excited to cooperate with TSC Hurricane in this venture,” says WSA Director of Coaching, Roger Bush.
The clubs will also be leveraging these events to create some enhanced development situations for the players by using the 7v7 or 9v9 format as endorsed by each club and the new US Soccer Player Development Curriculum recommendations.
TSC Hurricane Player Development Director Matt Howe added, ”We are excited for the opportunity to partner our TSC Hurricane Juniors with WSA!  To have the flexibility to play 7v7 and 9v9 will allow our young players to develop per US Soccer’s direction.”
Additional information on the play dates and how to join each respective clubs Juniors/Academy program can be found on each club’s site in the near future:

Clubs interested in joining this partnership should contact Roger Bush at or Jim Tindell at  Certain criteria will be considered for any new club wanting to join such as (but not limited to):
  • Club player development philosophy and standards
  • Club leadership and structure
  • Club administrative capabilities and facilities